Vokse Business Plan Packages

At Vokse, we offer customized solutions according to your situation and needs.  Our Business Plan services include:

  • Full Business Plan Package - Includes business questionnaire, consultations, research and business plan writing.
  • Customized Business Plan Package - Includes business plan services for specific sections of your business plan, for example, Financial Projections or Market Research sections. 

How does the Business Plan development process work?


We employ a Business Plan 3-Step Methodology that includes:

STEP 1 - Business Plan Questionnaire and Consultations

  • We customize a business plan questionnaire according to your business.
  • We provide business plan consultations to guide you through the questionnaire completion process.

STEP 2 - Research, Business Plan Draft and Revisions

  • We perform research according to your business plan needs.
  • We deliver one or more drafts of your business plan for your review and comments. 

STEP 3 - Business Plan Final Version 

  • We complete the final business plan document and deliver to you an electronic file and a professionally bounded hard copy.   

Business Plan Structure 

A Business Plan is a document that outlines key aspects of the business and business environment.  The business plan development process helps the entrepreneur to:

  • Translate brilliant ideas into business concepts. 
  • Determine how much money is needed to start and operate the business.
  • Clarify what needs to get done and when to start the business.
  • Estimate revenues and costs based on facts and research.
  • Project profit and cash flows.
  • Plan preliminary resources: people, technology, equipment, construction, etc.

Although business plans vary, typically each contains the same basic sections:

  • Executive Summary - synthesis of the business plan, primarily directed to potential partners, investors and lenders to communicate the value proposition of the business idea and to motivate them to continue to read the document and ultimately take action.
  • Company Overview - provides high level overview of the business, the company’s mission, vision, business goals and objectives and other company specifics.
  • Industry and Market Analysis - offers particulars of the industry (i.e. size, growth, trends, etc.) in which the business participates.
  • Product and Service Description - comprehensive analysis of the business process, the company’s current and future product/service offerings and primary competitors.
  • Strategy and Implementation - details how the business intends to differentiate itself from its competitors and reach its intended target market (Marketing Plan) and ultimately meet its stated goals and objectives (Sales Plan). 
  • Management and Organization – education and experience of the management group and listing of the start-up and ongoing personnel requirements of the business.
  • Financials - projects the revenue and costs of the start-up and ongoing operation of your business.  It helps to identify the amount of funding required before the business is self sufficient.  It also helps to project expected returns for you, the owner, investors and lenders.

The business plan is a dynamic document that should be revised periodically during not only the start-up phase of the company but also throughout its life.

Who needs a Business Plan?

  • Entrepreneurs with new ideas or on-going businesses:
  • Seeking funding for start-up or expansion plan
  • Looking to develop and structure a business idea
  • Presenting business idea to landlords, employees, contractors, and other stakeholders
  • Assessing viability of a business idea